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Learn how to – Configure Windows Client to Obtain IP from DHCP Server

Learn how to – Configure Windows Client to Obtain IP from DHCP Server.

This guide Install and Configure DHCP Server on Windows Server 2019 covered the installation and configuration of DHCP Server on Windows server 2019. This guide is a continuation by making sure our Windows Machine obtains an IP from the DHCP Server installed. Let us begin

Step 1: Same Network

Make sure the client and the server are on the same network where they can “see” each other. After you have made sure of that part, proceed to configure your windows client to obtain IP Automatically as explained below.

Step 2: Network Settings

Go over to your taskbar, click on your Network icon and choose “Network & Internet Settings” as shown below. A pop-up window will come forth.

On the pop up “Settings” window, choose “Ethernet” on the left pane. After that, choose “Change Adaptor Options” on the right pane below “Related Settings“. A window with your Adaptors will pop up.

Right-click the right Adaptor and choose “Properties” as shown below. A new window will pop up.

On the new window, click on “Internet Protocol Version 4“, then click on “properties“.

On the new pop up window, leave everything as shown below and click “OK

Step 3: Command Prompt

You can now go over to Command Prompt and invoke the command shown below to “ask” for a new IP from the DHCP Server.

Step 4: Confirm Leases from DHCP Server

Just to make sure everything went well and we are receiving our IPs from the DHCP Server as configured, let us go over and confirm. Open your DHCP Server Manager in the Server and check on the leases.


You have now successfully configured your windows to obtain IPs from the DHCP Server we installed and configured together. Thank you for reading through.


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