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Learn how to – Comparium: Automated Website Testing Tool

Learn how to – Comparium: Automated Website Testing Tool.

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Ever since the evolution of the internet, it has been bringing people from all over the world closer. Not only the virtual interaction but people have started depending on the same. Along with time, the dependence is increasing rapidly. Also, the internet is working in its development by accommodating websites as many as possible day by day. 

People have now started switching to the Internet for the marketing of their products and services along with reviewing the companies online. This also depends on how the website of a particular company is working on different platforms and how smoothly are people able to operate it on various browsers.

This is where it becomes extremely necessary for companies to do cross-browser testing of their websites before launching them for the use of common people. Cross-browser testing is all about reviewing the website’s performing ability on different operating devices, webpages, platforms, and web browsers. 

Today, there are many testing tools readily available on the internet with various facilities. Due to the enormous amount of tools doing the same test, it becomes difficult to choose between them. 

That’s the core reason why we are writing about this to you, as we have our specific team who is well versed with the knowledge of the performance of these testing tools. After huge research, we are proudly presenting you a tool which is Comparium and will make your website tests of cross-browsing way simpler than ever. 


Comparium provides a complete platform where you need not go to some different websites for partial checking. This is because, under one roof, Comparium easily checks across various platforms and browsers. It also minutely checks the smallest errors and sends screenshots of them via email. 

With the help of this testing tool, Comparium, one can test the performance of a repeated task for websites. Moreover, Comparium gives results within minutes and hence saves a lot of time and allows the businesses to focus on their core business activities. 

Features of Comparium tool

  • Supports all browsers

Comparium helps in supporting various browsers because, over the internet, web browsers have been increasing. Moreover, people all over the world choose to use different browsers. If a company would want to showcase their product worldwide, they will have to make sure their website is running effectively on all browsers. Comparium is compatible with Internet Explorer 8.0, 11.0, Google Chrome 73.0, 74.0, 75.0, Mozilla Firefox 67.0, 68.0, Safari 11.0 and much more. The list comprises most of the favored browsers. Hence, companies can easily test their website using Comparium. 

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  • Supports all platforms

As there have been various browsers over the internet, so have been platforms. Keeping checking whether the website is working effectively on every such platform on different sites shall be a huge task. To help is reducing the stress; Comparium tool is compatible with most of the platforms. These include Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, Linux, or many more. Comparium helps is providing a smooth experience on all such platforms. This is the main reason behind Comparium being the viral most liked tool in the market today. 

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  • Helps is testing as many websites as required by a user

If one is handling many websites, it becomes a task to handle and deliver a website that runs effectively on all platforms and browsers. Website handless might face a huge issue to run the business profitably. Hence to overcome this issue, Compairum allows one user to check as many websites as they would want to under one profile. Comparium has no upper limit in taking the test. It allows the users to test as many websites as they would want and there is no time limit. 

  • Offline result

Comparium works with full speed even if the internet is facing issues and breaks down in the middle of delivering the test. This is possible because of one of the biggest problem-solving issues which is that the Comparium works on offline mode. Comparium just requires an Email ID and the URL of the website. Once the test is run, the results shall be emailed on the registered email id. The email shall also include the screenshots of the errors which the original website had and allows the users to rectify the mistakes before launching the website on the internet. 

BrowserStack is an online tool for testing the visual part of your resource. This testing is very convenient and has the ability to test on real platforms. You don’t need to install or Configure any setting to start the testing

  • Cost-efficient and time-saving 

Comparium tool has two versions. One is free of cost to use for the general public and another one has upgraded technologies where one needs to buy the subscription. As the checking of errors on Comparium website is easy, it can be performed by anyone. He just needs to paste the URL of their website and click on “Test” and Comparium shall do the rest within minutes. This is the reason why it is useful and liked by many as it’s the cross-browser testing tool on the internet today. Comparium tool will provide an automated experience to its users and hence it is the most value of time tool for businessmen. 

  • Screenshot 

The most important feature of Comparium is that it allows the test to run without interruptions. The errors found during the test shall be emailed to the users with the appropriate screenshots of the error page. This shall help the users to exactly locate their mistakes and work on the same. Moreover, the screenshots can be saved for future reference to not to repeat the same mistakes. 

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  • Reliable

Comparium tool is been used by more than millions of users across the world. They have loved the application as much that they are eagerly waiting for the company to launch the next version. 

To conclude, we know that there are many tools available on the internet but believe us that if you use Comparium, you shall find every feature plus you shall save time. As it’s free of cost, we strongly recommend giving it one shot and we guarantee that you shall have the most amazing experience with a cross-browser testing tool.


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