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Cashew Surveys For Money Legit App – Make Money Online By Answering Simple Surveys On Cashew App

If you have been searching for another easy way to make money online through the Surveys app or sites then you have just learned yourself on the rightful page which we are going to be talking about Cashew app survey for money paying site. 

Cashew will pay you for every single survey which you can end up to $500 and more on this particular paying surveys app that is called Cashew, for all you have to do is to stick around to the end of this article so I’m told no the major ways that you can use to make money on this platform. 

Normally there are several survey sites out there that seem to be offering service for free which most of them are not legit or are not paying but this particular one that we are about to share with you in this article will actually pay you more than what you even think of for the offer different ways that can help you make money online which is why we target survey for money legit paying app or site. 

About Cashew

As the name of the app implies Cashew is designed to help you earn money online or make money by just answering some simple survey questions, we like to call Cashew a survey app that actually pays it uses once and then takes away, particularly on the app. 

The best thing that you can find on this app is once you successfully sign in or sign up on the app you will get yourself to end your first $1 by just completing your own profile it is said that all uses both the end users and domain users or any money Wednesday take or carry out surveys on Cashew app. 

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cashew app review

Get yourself too and if it was on the platform we get your first $1 registration bonus once you complete signing on the app registration they offer different kinds of surveys on a daily basis that range from 0.5 dollars upward or downward.

The Cashew so we have also offered a referral bonus or referral reward of $1 which one she successfully invites any of your friends to join the app if you get yourself a reward. 

The requirement to register or join Cashew app survey for money site

  • We need to download the Cashew app from Play Store or the app store
  • A USA number or phone number will be needed for the registration process.
  • If you are not a US resident and did not base in the USA you will need a VPN to power up the app. 
  • All the requirements that we need all that will be required on the Cashew survey app will be some of your personal info.

which will be the ask and to be successfully signed up with your phone number. 

How does Cashew survey for money app work?

The Cashew has a survey for money site that works in such a way that you know every survey platform works some of the details about the platform as stated below:

  • Once you sign up on a Cashew app survey for the money you will gain access to partake in some ways. 
  • Answer surveys on the app and you get paid for such tax. 
  • Withdrawal is done or your reward can be read through PayPal, Cash app, and Venmo. 

One of the least withdrawal methods that are always used on the app is a true paper which you can check here if you are from another country that does not support PayPal sending and withdrawal of funds for the tutorial will lead you through ways on how you can withdraw your money or how you can get a verified PayPal account so as to be used to redraw your money on Cashew survey for money app. 

How to sign up for Cashew survey for money app

  1. Firstly you will need to download the app which can be done by clicking here. 
  2. Once you click on the above link you will be redirected to Google Play Store or app store for you to download the Cashew app to your mobile device. 
  3. Download an app that has been installed on your mobile device then you can now go ahead with the signup or registration process. 
  4. You will be asked to include your USA phone number once you import the phone number a verification code will be sent to the USA phone number. cashew signup process
  5. Check your phone SMS box for the verification code input after you input the correct code and you will be signed in to your Cashew app account. 
  6. He will then be asked to complete your profile to earn more rewards. 
  7. Go ahead and complete your profile and in-your-face reward. 
  8. Once that is done you cannot go ahead to start answering some survey questions on the Cashew app. 

If you are not a US resident and you wish to partake or you wish to gain access to this app then you will need certain tools like a VPN and platform that offer USA numbers so as to gain yourself access to the Cashew app survey for the money paying side.

Registration Process For None US Residents

  1. All you need to do is find a valid USA number once that is done. 
  2. You can now go ahead and connect to your VPN and you can get yourself a windscribe VPN that offers free VPN service. 
  3. Once that is done go ahead and connect to the VPN click here to download the app. 
  4. If you are denied access to the app from your Google Play Store don’t panic just follow the below process. 
  5. Go to your phone settings or long press on your Google Play Store app from the home interface. 
  6. Select more options settings for the app then find the options button clear cache. 
  7. We’re gonna need to clear your Google Play Store app cache. 
  8. Once that is done go to your Google Play Store and switch the Google account that is present on your Google Play Store account to a new Google account as soon below. 
  9. What’s new in your Gmail account has been selected you cannot come back here click here to download the Cashew app now. 
  10. And you grant access to download and install the app on your device. 

    Note: make sure you connect your VPN to the USA location before you carry out any of the above guides to gain access to download and install the app on your device. 

  11. You can follow the link here to get a temporary USA number.
  12. Use a Dingtone. To get yourself a free USA number which you can get the app download online Dingtone app is available to download the app and use it to get yourself a free USA number. 
  13. Once you get the number you cannot come back to the Cashew survey for a money app. Open it feeling the whole USA number a verification code will be sent or a one-time OTP password. 
  14. Input a password of verification code that was sent to the USA number that you provide and you retain access to the Cashew app survey for money. 

You can now proceed with the rest of the registration or sign-up process. 

How to get your referral link on Cashew app

Once you have completed your registration process on the Cashew app or the sign-up process on the Cashew app and you have successfully completed your profile. 

You cannot look below the app click on settings and after you look at yourself on the setting option tub look above the app. 

Cashew app referral link

You will find yourself with a notification that states that you refer your friend and get yourself a reward as shown below. 

Cashew app referral reward

Click on it and share your referral link with your friends through social media. That’s just the easy way that you can use to get your referral link on the Cashew app. 

How to earn on Cashew app survey for money

As we have been mentioning for the last minute the catch-up is obvious but there are several ways that you can use to make money online on the app which have to be listed below. 

You can earn money on the Cashew app by referring your friends you will get paid $1 per every successful referral using a referral link. 

Once you sign up or successfully register to the app you will get a $1 registration bonus which will be added to your Cashew app account immediately. 

You can boost your any by answering Daily survey questions or daily questions and doing some simple tasks that are provided on the app with every task tagged with the appropriate amount that you will end once you finish it. 

Invite your friend to the up and carry out missions with them to boost your earnings and show you ways to make you Cashew out faster on the Cashew app. 

Cashew app withdrawal process

The minimum withdrawal process on Cashew Cab is $5 and once you reach the minimum withdrawal process of driving range you will be asked to provide or select a withdrawal option. 

Some of the withdrawal options that are provided on the Cashew app are the PayPal Cashew app and Venmo. 

You can earn yourself as much as you can on the Cashew app survey for money sites which range from$100, $200,  $500, and more. 

How to withdraw on Cashew app 

To withdraw your money or your earnings on the Cashew app survey for money up all you need to do is to. 

Login to your account using the Cashew app and click on settings then after you locate yourself on the settings page click on Cashew out. 

And the next thing is to select your payment option. 

But you should have it at the back of your mind that you are free of the minimum payment before you should go ahead and request your payment. 

Once you select your payment option or provide your preferred payment option you now go ahead to wait for up to 24 hours or 1 to 2 business days before your payment will be sent. 

You can still click here to know how you can get yourself a PayPal account that can send and receive money. 

Cashew app review is Cashew app legit or a scam

To our own discovery and what we find out about the platform catch up is paying as at this moment when she went when this article was made or published,  so we can say catch up is legit and give you that we give them that they are not a scam for you can go ahead to sign up to the app and start answering surveys on the app and get yourself paid. 

Cashew app survey for money withdrawal proof 

Here are some of the barrel proofs from Cashew out that have been obtained so far which you can check them out below yourself and see so as you can judge if they are really very legit or not. 

cashew app withdrawal proof
Cashew Surveys For Money


There are many survey platforms out there which most of the surveys site don’t pay their client or users but catch up is not one for you will get paid for any kind of survey you can take on any or any kind of tax that you partake on the app. 

To get it at the back of your mind that at the moment of this article Published Cashew app was paid. 

He brings you a review about the Cashew app which you can still go ahead to do your own research on about the app. I see what you can get so far for everything that has been dated in this article are for educational purposes only. 


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