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Every dog lover or pet owner wants the very best for his/her dog. The importance of feeding your dog a high quality balanced meal cannot be over emphasized. Usually, pet owners are met with so much confusion when they want to buy a good dog food because of the several brands of dog food on display in shelves at supermarkets and pet stores. I am about to give you reasons choosing Booster dog food is the best for your dog.

A high quality dog food like Booster dog food spares you from frequent visits to the vet which in turn saves you a lot of money and stress, this is because it contains a very high concentration of proteins and vitamins which boosts the immunity of your dog and improves its general body condition. Booster dog food contains vegetables which provide nutrients that improve digestibility, as a result, you will notice that you won’t have to feed your dog with too much quantity of food to maintain a healthy energy level, this will enable your dog to develop healthy eating habits and a healthy digestive system. It also contains a blend of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that ensures your dog’s skin coat are shiny and healthy, promote brain and vision development and prevent inflammation at the joints. It is devoid of toxic grains like corn, wheat and soy which are harmful to the health of your dog.


Booster dog food comes in dry and wet food forms. The dry food includes Booster puppy food and Booster sport dog food, while Booster chicken, turkey and carrots and Booster beef, liver and peas come in the wet food form.



It consists of chicken meal as its primary ingredient and major source of protein.

It has a blend of omega 3 + 6 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acid helps in vision and brain development of young puppies and in managing inflammation in the skin and joints. Dogs are incapable of producing omega 3 fatty acids on their own and must get them through their diet. With booster puppy food, your puppy’s omega 3 fatty acid needs are fully taken care of. Omega 6 fatty acid is needed for proper functioning of the immune system, growth and healthy skin coat.

It contains a vegetable blend of Peas, Carrots and Spinach which provides your puppy with a rich supply of proteins, fiber and vitamins.

Booster puppy food does not contain Corn, Wheat or Soy. These grains are dangerous to your dog’s health and you must beware of dog foods that contain them. Corn is converted to sugar in the body of your pet. The sugar puts a lot of stress on the organs and causes gastrointestinal upset. Wheat contains high amounts of gluten which damages the small intestine, alters gut flora and can lead to auto-immune disease. It can also cause inflammations on the joints.

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are also among the constituents of Booster puppy food and they help to maintain joint health and prevent joint inflammation.

Another amazing constituent of Booster puppy dog food is a natural blue-green algae known as Spirulina. It is densely packed with vitamins and minerals, this includes Vitamins A, B and E and has over 50% protein, amino acids and essential fatty acids. These huge store of nutrients can aid in strengthening your dog’s immune system, improving its digestion and gastrointestinal health and maintaining the skin and coat health.

Booster puppy dog food also contains rice which serves as a source of fibre, carbohydrate, protein, fat as well as vitamins and minerals.

Other important constituents of Booster puppy food include probiotics and antioxidants. Probiotics aid digestion and help in boosting the immunity of your dog while antioxidants scavenge or mop up free radicals in your dog’s body responsible for several disease conditions.

Booster puppy dry dog food 10kg advanced formula for puppies.


This dog food was specially formulated for very active and hardworking dogs. It has a high protein content (32%) supplied by chicken meal which is its first ingredient, fish meal, egg products, etc. It has Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate which helps to promote joint health and prevent joint inflammations. The natural blue green algae Spirulina is also another essential component of this dog food and provides a rich supply of vitamins, minerals, protein and fatty acids which aid to strengthen the immune system, cleanse the dog’s body of toxins, improve digestion and gastrointestinal health and maintain skin and coat health. Booster sport dog food also contains vegetables which are sources of fibre, protein, omega 3+6 fatty acids for skin coat and brain development, vitamin premix, minerals and probiotics. Booster sport dog food doesn’t contain the toxic grains – corn, wheat and soy.

booster dog food


This is a wet dog food prepared for all life stages of dogs. It is a complete and balanced dog food which contains chicken (4%) and turkey (4%) meat and other animal byproducts which accounts for its crude protein content and carrot (4%) and other vegetables which account for its crude fibre content. Other ingredients include vegetable by products, minerals and sugar. It has a moisture content of 80%.


This is another wet dog food variety. It is a complete and balanced dog food for all life stages and has a moisture content of 80%. Its ingredients comprise beef as the first ingredient (4%), liver (4%) which contribute to the protein content while peas (4%) and other vegetables supply fibre, vitamins and minerals.

When next you see a Booster dog food Brandon as you shop for your dog food, don’t hesitate to pick one, because you are getting one of the very best for your dog.

booster chunks with beef, liver & peas 415g


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