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  The importance of binggo dog food can never be overemphasized. overtime some conventional dog owners in Nigeria had fed their dogs with more of homemade diets than a commercial alternative which according to reports have led to nutritional deficiencies we witness in dogs at our clinics hence the need for affordable and balanced rations like Binggo dog food.

The trouble is not in the fact that homemade meals are bad for dogs but that very few of the recipes available to pet owners are nutritionally complete. Nutritional adequacy is lacking in almost all homemade diets

The problem isn’t so much that dogs aren’t getting enough protein or enough calories. On the contrary, most pet owners either overestimate or underestimate how much of these nutrients their pup need and most people don’t account for key micronutrients. This may be attributed to a lot of factors including unwillingness to take on the extra effort and expense needed to prepare your dog’s food, consulting a dog nutritionists or vet to obtain adequate food recipes for their dogs.

When you don’t feed your dog’s balanced meals that are individualized to your dog’s needs, it can come at a cost. Nutrition deficiency (or excess) can lead to diseases, such as malnutrition or obesity, and can ultimately be fatal. Each of the 6 essential nutrients required by dogs has a specific role in the body. When they are provided in inadequate concentrations, the function is not optimal and suffering may result. Similarly, nutrient excesses can also cause illness. While the impact of an unbalanced diet may be mild and not even noticed or attributed to the diet by the owner, these problems can also be very severe, and pets do not always survive.

In most underdeveloped countries, nutritional diseases are often seen in dogs and cats, especially when they are not fed good quality, commercial, complete and balanced diets. Nutritional problems occur most commonly when pets are fed imbalanced homemade diets, when cats are fed diets formulated for dogs, or when dogs or cats are fed certain human foods. Dog foods or homemade diets derived from a single food item are inadequate. For example, feeding predominantly meat or even an exclusive burger and rice diet to dogs can induce calcium deficiency and secondary hyperparathyroidism. Feeding liver can induce vitamin A toxicity in both dogs.

Home cooking is not for everyone, though, and it doesn’t have to be. Another option to provide your dog with whole ingredients is to get carefully prepared ready-made meals. There are commercial foods that can be purchased that contain whole ingredients that are pre-cooked. Which is very close to cooking.

So, while you might think that cooking for your dog is better for their health, it can be just as beneficial to purchase dog food that’s made with the same principles in mind. Whichever method you choose, just to make sure you are always catering to your dog’s individual health and nutrition needs. Binggo dog food is the first dog feed here in Nigeria. Over the years it has garnered many testimonials and positive reviews from users and nutritionists alike.

binggo dog food

Feeding a with a Binggo Dog Food

Binggo Dog Food is a premium food that is 100% proudly Nigerian. It is a dry extruded dog food that requires no cooking; it is fresh, affordable and nutritionally balanced. Produced with state- of –the art facilities under hygienic conditions and good manufacturing practices (GMP). It is produced from carefully selected raw materials of highest quality in adequate proportions to give your Dog the best nutrients for optimum growth and performance. It is available in Chicken and fish flavors.

Binggo Dog Food-Puppy addresses the very specific needs of young dogs, providing nutrition designed for growing puppies. Its composition bridges a critical nutritional gap, providing the most comprehensive solution for the well-being of the Puppy from weaning throughout the stage of Puppy-hood. It is available in 5kg and 10kg pack sizes.

Binggo Dog food-Adult is a highly nutritious and palatable extruded Dog food, produced with state-of-the-art facilities under hygienic conditions and good manufacturing practices (GMP). Binggo is a highly balanced diet, specially formulated to meet the needs of all kind of breeds of dog and functions – be it pet or working dog. It is available in 15kg & 7.5kg pack sizes in all VetPlanet stores Nationwide.

Nutritional Benefits


Proteins are complex molecules made up of amino acids, the building blocks of cell growth, maintenance and repair. In companion animals, one of the biggest demands for protein comes from the maintenance of fur and hair, which can use up to 30 percent of the daily protein intake. Proteins are made up of 20 amino acids. While dogs, cats and even humans produce about half of these amino acids internally, the other half, termed “essential amino acids,” need to be provided by the diet. Binggo dog foods Dogs contains these proteins that efficiently provide amino acids in proportions suitable for tissue protein synthesis.


Fats provide the most concentrated source of energy in the diet. They also supply the fatty acids that are important building blocks for important substances and essential to maintaining normal, healthy cells. Binggo dog foods are rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs): linoleic acid, linolenic acid and arachidonic acid, Linoleic acid; is the source of omega-6 fatty acids, and linolenic acid is the source of omega-3 fatty acids that make up an important part of every cell, they are also required by dogs.


Although dogs do not need carbohydrates because their bodies can get energy from protein and fats alone, carbohydrates that can be broken down by the digestive system and converted to glucose can also be a source of energy. Binggo fog foods are also rich in fiber that are easily digested.


Binggo dog foods are Fresh, wholesome food that contains all of the vitamins needed by your dog on a daily basis.


Minerals are inorganic nutrients that make up less than 1 percent of a dog’s body weight but are essential to many important functions, such as growth and strong bones and teeth. They are classified as either macrominerals or microminerals. Binggo dog food contains two of the macrominerals, calcium (the most abundant mineral in the body) and phosphorus,and  are in balance and given in correct proportions (the ideal calcium:phosphorus ratio is between 1:1 and 2:1). Microminerals (also known as trace minerals) serve very important functions as well.


Binggo dog foods come in puppy and adult packaged, when feeding your puppy However, you need to make sure that the combined amounts don’t exceed your puppy’s daily calorie intake. Never take the risk of overfeeding your puppy as it can lead to obesity. You should rather focus on helping it maintain an ideal body condition as it grows. See nutritional table on the pack for more information.


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