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Best Time To Buy Bitcoin 2023 And How To Invest In Bitcoin

Guess what, lol you don’t need to guess if you are not good at it but what am about to tell you now you should read the statement well again and again. Listen do you know in January 2020 one bitcoin was $400 which is approximately 3 million in Nigeria currency as of then, in 2021 one bitcoin is worth $30,000 which is approximately 20 million, as data then, imagine when you hold the such coin in 2020 and leave it till date 2022 big investment which will turn you to a million that’s why we come about an idea to create this article on the best time to buy bitcoin in 2023 and invest even with the little amount then earn big.

Not only bitcoin that you should invest your money in but do you also know that the second largest crypto Ethereum of 1 eth was $200 in 2020 which Price was 70,000 naira as at then now one Ethereum is $1300 which is said to be 600,000 nairas in Nigeria currency yea it looks now wow to you right a year investment turn you to be a millionaire just a year patients right?. 

Most people think that they need a large amount of money before they can start a bitcoin or cryptocurrency investment business but the answer is no you can start with any amount you have and make yourself a fortune by doing as was stated by us. That’s why we came about the topic of the best time to buy bitcoin in 2023 and how to invest even small on it likewise best platform to get your coin from in Nigeria with an easy transactions process. 

Best Time To Get Bitcoin 2023

As of January, bitcoin broke into the market with the price of $30,000 which most people that hold their coin as of 2020 till date 2022 earn a large amount of profit from that because even when you purchase bitcoin in November or December 2020 you’ve gained some profit towards January 2021 till date now. 

If you are familiar with crypto market chat like the bitcoin chart that shows how the bitcoin or other cryptocurrency market is going on then you should know what the screenshot or image below is talking about. 

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Best time to buy bitcoin

The image above shows the illustration of how the bitcoin market is moving informed by charts that most people understand. 

And you can get such chart records on any app or platform that do trade cryptocurrency for cash paper money and other apps unlike Roqqu one of the best trending crypto trading apps in Nigeria and the most popular crypto trade platform probably the whole world Binance app and Luno app. 

Trusted platform to buy bitcoin 2021

All this app can be gotten from the play store or you the link attached to the words to find the app and download it to your phone so that you can get to see how the cryptocurrency chart looks like yourself. 

The top cryptocurrency charts will be listed most unlike bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, litcoin, and others. Download one of the apps and get to know more about the chart. 

Best time to buy bitcoin 2021

As you can see on the chart sometimes the market goes up and comes down which is in the form of a zigzag right good look into the chart well and see yourself. 

One thing I am about to tell you now is that people always buy coins or bitcoin once they see or notice that the coin goes down which is what we call dip. That is, watch the coin go down or crypto go down and take account. 

That is just the best moment to buy bitcoin in 2023 or the best time to buy bitcoin in 2023. And you should also note this for those that would like to invest in other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Tron, and others. 

Once bitcoin went down its normal stuff other cryptocurrencies too usually went down in some percentage so when you notice bitcoin went down then you can go ahead and check for other cryptos too and invest in it if you feel like it. 

You might not be always active on the crypto trader app the Cryptocurrency Market fall moment might miss you or you might miss the market fall both for bitcoin and others. 

Then you don’t have to worry about apps like luno crypto trading app do send an alert when cryptocurrency falls or goes up which you can also set the alert or alarm from the app to alert you when such a market falls on bitcoin or any other currency. 

Trusted platform to buy bitcoin

And for you people that thing you need a large number of funds before you can start investing in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Wow, no cause I’m about to expose a secret to you which can really make you be fortune with the little amount you have using the world of crypto or blockchain technology to make yourself reach let’s check something out on how to invest in bitcoin with a little amount of money. 

How To Invest In Bitcoin With Little Money 2023

This method is a 2023 method because I am just exposing ways on how you can make money online with the help of bitcoin using the little amount of money you have to make yourself rich. 

As u said earlier you don’t need a large amount of money before you can start investing or with your investment in bitcoin with the little you have you can actually make yourself a fortune. Let’s get to know how to invest in bitcoin with little money in 2023, especially for Nigeria. 

All you have to do is to set a daily bitcoin purchase budget for yourself and before you know you will get there by having one 1 bitcoin or Ethereum in your account in 2023 which is something that we have experienced before we prove to share it with you. 

What I mean by excess is you have to find a trusted platform like roqqu or Luno. We recommend Roqqu for you if you are from Nigeria. 

Start punching bitcoin worth $1 to $2 dollar daily which is approximately N500 or more in Nigeria currency. 

Or you make the strategy to be N1000 worth of bitcoin daily that should be $2 to $3 worth of bitcoin on a daily basis. 

Either the market dive in or out,  mean goes up or down you just keep buying. Until you hit your target. 

You can target half of a bitcoin or simply one bitcoin, the same strategy should be carried out on other cryptocurrencies if you want to invest in them too. 

It’s a very nice strategy that we’ve tested and we end up happy when we check our wallet at the end of the day when the market breaks out bitcoin the Lord. 

If you can’t go with that strategy another process is to follow the weekly strategy which entails. 

Buying 10,000 Naira worth of bitcoin weekly to save in your crypto or bitcoin Wallet. 

And it’s recommended to follow the dip method which entails you buy when you notice that the coin or bitcoin drops the market prices. 

Then you go for the dip,  you buy $30 worth of BTC which is approximately N10,000 in Nigeria currency. 

We share the double strategy that we use in getting this done which is investing in bitcoin with little money 2021 official method. 

Yea you might be confused of where and how you can be getting the crypto from on a daily basis right but don’t worry we that you covered we got to share with you some trusted platforms which you can buy bitcoin from in Nigeria and outside Nigeria in 2021.

Trusted Platform To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria And Trusted Platform To Buy Bitcoin 2023

If you read through this article well from the beginning you will see that we have been recommending some platforms from which you can buy bitcoin from 2023 till date but still we are going to make different choices. 

how to invest in bitcoin

Trusted Platform To Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria 

  • So if you are from Nigeria we recommend roqqu crypto trade platform for you to buy or sell your crypto from. 
  • Roqqu is one of the platforms in Nigeria which is legit to trade your crypto with either with money or using another crypto. 
  • So click here to download their money app and sign-up through the app or site. 
  • And get your investment going using roqqu app to buy or sell your BTC bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Trusted Platform To Buy Bitcoin With Globally 

  • Luno is one of the platforms that trade cryptocurrency for people globally that is worldwide. 
  • And to our satisfaction, they are operating well even till date. 
  • You can get to buy any type of cryptocurrency on luno and also sell to them. 
  • So if you don’t have the app yet or know about the platform before. 
  • Click here to head straight to download the app
  • Luno cryptocurrency trading app sign-up through the app. 

And start buying and selling your cryptocurrency currency with luno which your funds are well secured with. 

Other platforms that do trade cryptocurrency are Binance, buycoin naija and other platforms that you can find out there but we can’t recommend all it’s up to you to know the platform that you will trade your cryptocurrency with. 

Current Way On How To Trade Cryptocurrency In Nigeria 

Since the ban of users’ bank accounts who trade crypto has been strictly abided by which was set aside by the Central Bank Of Nigeria to all commercial banks in Nigeria. Most people have been afraid of trading cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. 

But you should all know every problem as a solution. So as not to get bank accounts banned, Binance and other crypto trading apps that people make use of in Nigeria like Roqqu have set A-side ways on how to trade crypto on their platform by alerting your account. 

This is known as peer-to-peer (P2P), you can now buy or sell any cryptocurrency on Binance app without linking or getting money to your Binance app or roqqu

Binance peer-to-peer P2P ways of trading cryptocurrency in Nigeria

What does peer-to-peer P2P way of trading cryptocurrency mean in details or layman language whenever you want to buy or sell crypto on the Binance app using peer-to-peer there will be someone available on the platform that is willing to buy or sell to which binance will stand as a middleman between you and the person so as to get things done smoothly with getting scam. 

As simple as that if you want to buy you will state the amount of money you want to buy and send money to the personal account you want to buy from and the same is applicable to the selling process too. 

You can find the section on the Binance crypto trading app which you can register on the platform by clicking here. 

Ever since the crypto ban in Nigeria, roqqu one of the crypto trading platforms in Nigeria has been facing some issues in their platform but they still exist and operate but with poor customer support services. 

Which is not supposed to happen any platform have to be attached to 24/7 customer support so as to save your platform from the integrity that you have and people believe in. 

Roqqu fails its members and has poor customers which we hope they should work on from now and in future but you can still trade crypto on roqqu using the peer-to-peer P2P process and it’s also safe. 

If you feel you can handle the poor customer support for now the platform which is much safer to trade cryptocurrency in Nigeria is known as binance. 

Keep trading and get reach also remember that if you can’t hold you won’t get reach. 

I hope we deliver you with what you want? 

If so you can then drop a comment on the section created for it for its means a lot to us. 


This article strictly lays down something you don’t know about cryptocurrency which we wish you should now know about after reading it. It was written to make you know how you can make money online on bitcoin and also torches some part on other cryptocurrencies which we hope you grab some knowledge on the best time to buy bitcoin, how to buy bitcoin, and trusted platforms to buy bitcoin from now on in 2023.

If you love this article then stay tuned for more related ones by joining any of our social media that is suitable for you. 

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