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Overview of best puppy food in Nigeria

      Puppy development diets are designed specifically to meet the energy demands and nutritional requirements for healthy growth hence the need for this article the best puppy food in Nigeria.

Proper nutrition is imperative to support development of bones, joints, muscles, and the immune system, and includes the addition of nutrients such as protein, essential fatty acids, calcium, fibre, vitamin E, and others.

Ensuring optimal energy intake allows the diet to meet the high energy demands of puppies while avoiding over nutrition, over-accelerated growth, and unhealthy weight gain. Dietary fats also help to meet these high energy demands and provide the essential fatty acids necessary for brain, neuron, and retinal development and function.

Since growing puppies require greater amounts of protein than their adult counterparts, it is important to include the appropriate amounts to support healthy development.

      Depending on physical size and breed, puppies will mature at different rates and have different nutritional needs. For instance, rapid growth occurs during the first few months in all breeds but is prolonged in large and giant breeds, for example Great Danes, Labrador Retrievers, and Doberman Pinschers. Whilst most of the breeds mature around 12 months of age, in large and giant breeds it may take up to two years to reach adult size.

In addition to general puppy foods there are diets tailored for small, medium or large breed dogs, along with a range of breed specific foods.

      Puppies develop and grow very quickly and have twice the nutritional needs of the average adult dog. Puppies need proper nutrition for their bones, joints, and muscles to develop, and for their immune system to be resistant to disease. A well-balanced puppy food contains all the necessary nutrients to keep a puppy healthy and to develop normally.

        A quality food provides all the vitamins and minerals a puppy needs to be healthy as well as containing 30% protein and a high-fat content to provide them with the necessary energy they need. Adult dogs don’t need that much fat in their diet since they don’t burn off fat as easily as a puppy and it can cause them to gain weight too quickly. If a puppy is fed a food for adult dogs, they could develop nutritional deficiencies and health problems. Pet parents should know that some nutrients are still essential for growing puppies. One of the best examples is some types of Omega-3 fatty acids which promote:

* Brain development

* Healthy eyesight

* Glossy coat

* Healthy skin

 Recommended best Puppy Food in Nigeria


ROYAL CANIN  puppy nutrition supports growth and development by providing all the nutrients essential to a puppy’s needs in the first year of life. Your dog’s diet during puppy hood will influence their health and eating habits for the rest of their life. Ensuring your puppy maintains a healthy diet during this stage is vital, so a nutritionally complete and balanced diet tailored towards their specific size and breed can play a vital part.

Featured Puppy  Dog Food products  include dry dog food for different breeds like Boxer, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Dachshund puppy dry dog foods and also wet puppy food like Small , medium, large puppy pouch dog food

Feeding with ROYAL CANIN

Puppies have small stomachs and their immature digestive systems don’t react well to being overloaded. To help your puppy avoid suffering from disorders such as diarrhea, it’s best to split their daily recommended food portion into small meals throughout the day.

For Small breeds

Up to 4 months 3 meals a day

4-10 months 2 meals a day

Adult 2 meals a day

 For Medium breeds

         Up to 6 months 3 meals a day

         6-12 months 2 meals a day

         Adult 2 meals a day

For Large or Giant breeds

        Up to 6 months 3 meals a day

        6-15 months 2 meals a day

         Adult 2 meals a day

Uac Binggo Dog Food For Guppies

Uac Binggo Dog Food For Puppies is a healthy meal formulated for puppies to provide your dog with essential Nutrients and very rich in Omega 3

Feeding with Binggo Puppy Food

The feed can be fed dry and moistened with water to the consistency your dog prefers. Feed your dog sufficient amounts to maintain condition dependent upon the level of activity and the conformation of your dog

Always ensure that clean and fresh drinking water is available at all times to the dog

Average composition and nutrition for Binggo puppy

* Animal protein 33%       * Fat 22%

* Omega 3.                  * Anti oxidants

* Cereals and grains  * vitamin premix

* Essential Amino acids  * Minerals

  • these qualities coupled with the fact that binggo puppy for over five years has been the cheapest puppy food so we at vet planet believe its wise to include binggo puppy as one among the best puppy food in Nigeria.

burgess supadog finest puppy complete dry dog food

    Burgess Supadog has 30 years heritage looking after nutrition of dogs . Supadog is made with the best quality ingredients for a happy and healthy dog. It’s unique recipes are tasty and complete which means dogs get all the nutrition need in one delicious meal.

Burgess Supadog is ;

* Highly digestible

* Fortified with calcium to support strong teeth and bones

* Contains Biotin and zinc to support skin and coat health

* Contains natural antioxidants

* Suitable for all breeds

  • these facts has forced us at vet planet to consider listing Burgess supadog dry dog food as one among the best puppy food in Nigeria.
Feeding with Burgess Supadog

Every puppy is different so adjust as necessary depending on your pets appetite, environment and activity level. Feed to the current weight of your puppy .

See pack for feeding levels guide

If you have not fed with Burgess Supadog before, introduce it gradually over a week.


Daimond puppy foods are formulated with K9 Strain Probiotics, beneficial bacteria that support digestive and immune systems and help your dog maintain an active lifestyle. Daimond puppy foods are;

* Suitable for puppies as well as pregnant or nursing adult dogs

* DHA for proper brain and vision development

* Proper balance of fat, protein and other essential nutrients for proper growth

  • the above listed qualities of diamond puppy dog food are very good reason why we decided to include diamond as one among the best puppy food in Nigeria

Feeding guide for Diamond puppy dog food

For adult dogs over 100 pounds, add ½ cup for every 10 additional pounds. For pregnant or nursing adult dogs, we recommend free-choice feeding.

Remember to keep plenty of fresh water available to your pet at all times.


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