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Autoxify Smart Contract Review 2020: Learn How Autoxify Smart Contract Works And Accumulate Tron

According to our title which is also called heading or headline we mention likely three different kinds of related words which are said to be different the one of autoxify, A smart contract and lastly Tron which are three major things Autoxify is a name of a smart contract base on the blockchain which we are all familiar with and Tron is the cryptocurrency which autoxify Tron used to embed smart contract on the blockchain.


A smart contract is something that we all know about which majorly are trending on ethereum and most people
have used the program called smart contract to accumulate different kinds of cryptocurrency like ethereum, tron,
ecoin and more cryptocurrency which autoxify tron mainly base on Tron smart contract which are being used to
accumulate tron cryptocurrency.


Tron smart contract as currently be one of the blockchain smart contracts which most smart contracts have been
running to just to make use of the program to accumulate enough tron we should say something about autoxify tron smart contract.


What is Autoxify Smart Contract?

Autoxify smart contract is a smart contract which is base on Tron cryptocurrency and it’s been decentralized on
blockchain just to fully work automatically and autoxify tron is fully automated which is different from other
tron smart contract like Bank-of-tron, Hexxa, Supersage, and other more tron smart contracts that you might think of  or you might experience out there.Autoxify smart contact

We will actually fish out some point which makes smart contract to be different from other tron smart contracts
to make things clarified to you all.

Video Guide That Explain All About Autoxify

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFwz7NhDhvI[/embedyt]


What Makes Autoxify Tron Smart Contact Different From Others?

We will actually list the major differences and still brief you about it so that it will entail you understanding.

Autoxify Tron smart contact

  • For every member of autoxify tron don’t need to refer directly: that is without even referral
    autoxify smart contract as the power to work automatically and bring you referral once you’ve registered or join, in simple terms Direct or To Bring Referral is not necessary.
  • The smart contract enables and has what we called Referral Activator: which implies that the autoxify smart
    contract has been programmed to activate new refer to every member on their matrix x3 in 3 entries.
  • Autoxify tron smart contract will also be programmed to allow and operate with a Global Matrix Referral
    logic which I thought you should understand already.
  • Since the tron smart contract has features of auto referral then it’s also capable of sending every member
    auto referral bonus which is awesome no smart contract as done such before.
  • No limitation in the opening of a slot in this tron smart contract or autoxify tron that is the system will keep
    working automatically to re-open slot that you might have open before for you once you’ve finished both
    slots on x3 and x4 matrix which will make you earn more tron from the platform.
  • Lastly, the smart contract is also capable of auto upgrading of slots for every member on level x3 which it
    will carry out the upgrade from one slot to another slot once it has been fulfilled.


Seems we mention some stuff above which some people might not under which implies matrix like x3 and x4
level and slot we will let you know what that means but in such words they are being called levels on any smart
contact which are level x3,x4,x8 and more.


How Many Levels Are In Autoxify Smart Contract?


There is just only two-level on autoxify tron smart contract which implies :

Level X3 And Level X4

Autoxify X3 level contains a global matrix of 20 slots which we also call sub-level under Autoxify X3 Tron level.

tron level matrix x3 and x4

While Autoxify X4 level also contains a matrix of upto 20 slot too which you have to Per take some task before
you can move to the next slot in each level.


As we all know and to those who are familiar with smart contracts there are different types of earning methods in
any smart contracts which are being set to be little different but have some similarities. Let’s checkout the
process below.


How To Earn From Autoxify Tron Smart Contract

There are three major ways to earn from any smart contracts which are view:

  • Referral
  • Spillover and
  • Overflows.

That we have been mentioning for quite a long time but autoxify tron seems to be different from others.

One of the major earning processes on autoxify is auto referral which implies once you register on autoxify your tron will be split into level x3 and x4.

That X3 calculates how your referral is moving that will be provided automatically by autoxify smart contract
within just 3 days you get three 3 entry and.

Level X4 handles the process of spillover and overflow that came from global spilling and overflow from either
the team or the smart contact ahead.

Earnings process about tron autoxify smart contract are also explaining view the screenshot below :


Now it’s time to lecture you on how you register on autoxify smart contract and if you would like to join or sign up to the smart contract.


How To Join Autoxify Tron

  1. A tron wallet will be needed which will be used to store your tron and the tron wallet app will also be used
    to register or join the smart contract.
  2. Download Tron wallet from Play store for android users what app store for iOS users which link are already
    provided respectively and for pc users.
  3. You will need a Tron worth 400 Trx which can be calculated in dollars as $8 but in Naira 1 tron or 1 trx is
    said to be N15 in Nigeria currency.
  4. Other countries can calculate it in the form of a dollar which 400 tron or 400 trx is said to be sold out at $8.
  5. After you have gotten the needed tron all to do is to get the registration link you this link:  to register.
  6. Seems we forget the say autoxify smart contract is now launched on August 29 2020.
  7. Now open your tron wallet where you have your tron stored and locate the dapp.
  8. The tron wallet dapp will make you gain access to the autoxify registration or autoxify site.
  9. Tron wallet dapp can be located at the bottom left Corner of the app after you locate it.Autoxify registration
  10. You will find an address bar where you can input links.
  11. Now paste the link you just got from this site.
  12. Then hit the register button from the web page and follow the page to complete your autoxify registration.Autoxify signup
  13. The registration fee is said to be 400 trx as said earlier plus a gas fee which might charge you 40 trx or 50
    trx respectively.
  14. That’s all about the registration process of the autoxify smart contract.
Incase you have issues with registration process. Download Spark VPN relaoad from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=istark.vpn.starkreloaded and connect then go ahead and register from there
Incase you have issues with registration process. Download Spark VPN relaoad from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=istark.vpn.starkreloaded and connect then go ahead and register from there

click here to join

What Makes Autoxify Level Splitting Different From Other Smart Contracts

Autoxify x3 level and x4 level as some major ways of making or the way the smart contract operate let’s see small out:

The x3 level has the following features as splitting the matrix which entails: Auto referral.


  • Auto peer to peer process.
  • The slot upgrading process is being done automatically.
  • The Payment process is automatic.
  • The investment process is also automatic.
  • Expire date and time does not exist.
  • It’s also a smart contract that has 80 powerful paying slots.
  • You can earn up to 41m continuously.
  • X3 autoxify as 20 slots respectively.

Autoxify x3


Autoxify x4 also as it’s a splitting process which is different from other smart contracts.


  • Somehow similar to x3 as a peer to peer process.
  • Spill over from the team.
  • Team matrix is eligible.
  • Overflow and spillover.
  • And more which can be found from the autoxify pdf which if you request for you can get it online.
    Autoxify x4

Autoxify also has a telegram channel and telegram channel which you can get all kinds of updates from if you
like to partake in the smart contract.

I think we have already made some things clear to you about autoxify smart contract so it’s left for you to know
how you can accumulate your tron at this moment that it’s still cheap and affordable for tron cryptocurrency it’s one of the fast-growing currencies too for now.

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