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Atingi, Flashout Free Airtime Get Up To 5k Airtime Or More

Yes, you can get up to 5000 airtime on Atingi which just partners with flashout, it goes this way you will get free 200 Naira airtime once you join this platform. 

But we are referring to the two different kinds of platforms in this way. Number one is atingi a particular platform that has been in existence for quite a long time. 

And Flashout which is a new platform that as just partnered with Atingi and they wish to make people know about them, that makes them to come about a signup bonus of 200 Naira and a registration bonus of 300 nairas. 

This is why you see something related to atingi, flashout free airtime that you can even end up to 5,000 airtime 5K or more if possible. 

About Atingi & Flashout

Atingi is a free digital learning platform that is designed with different kinds of partnerships around the globe with the aim of providing people with an equal learning environment and showing off their educational skills online. 

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Why flashout is just a platform that is designed for people specifically women that wish to learn some skills online and don’t know how to start with it is also related to e-learning platform that is designed for women. 

atingi free airtime

This is why this referral program is majorly designed for people that can refer women to their platform called flashout linking with atingi. 

How To Earn Free Airtime From Flashout

There are two ways that you can use to earn free airtime on flashout with respect to Atingi. 

If you download the flashout application using the link here and register and you already have an atingi account you will get a 200 Naira free registration or sign-up bonus. 

Furthermore, they set aside a unique referral program that is designed for people that can invite women that wish to learn skills online to their platform. 

You will get to see your flashout account interface once you successfully registered on both end flashout and atingi. 

So we are going to be leading to the way on how you can get your own free airtime which is easy and straightforward. 

How To Get Free Airtime On Flashout (Atingi) 

  1. The first thing you need to do is to download the flashout application which you can get by clicking here
  2. Once you get to the page you will be provided with the general info that you need to know about the platform followed up with how you can get your free 200 registration. 
  3. The signup bonus will be credited to your account once you successfully open a flashout account and link it together with the Atingi account that you might have had before. 
  4. Scroll down and click on the Google Play store icon or download button you find on the page to download the flashout app. 
  5. Then you will be asked to provide some general information like your town, password, and other information so as to sign into the flashout app. 
  6. On the signup page, you have to be a female so as to get your first 200 airtime. 
  7. Then you can now proceed to link your atingi account. 
atingi free airtime

You will now be asked to provide a unique URL link which you can use to get extra 200 airtime per referral. 

Use your unique referral link to refer to your friends or women that you know would like to join this particular platform flashout backed by atingi.

How To Redeem Your Airtime On FlashOut

Once 200 airtime has been deposited to your Flashout app account you can now click on it to get the airtime redeem button. 

This should lead you to the page where you have to provide the phone number that you will use to load the airtime. 

flashout free airtime

You can use your unique referral link generator for more airtime up to 5000, 5K or more. 

You can invite any of your sisters that you know wish to join the platform and get their unique referral link to invite more so as to more free airtime on flash out. 


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