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Alternatives to The Elizabethan Collar

The Elizabethan collar, or e-collar for short was invented for good reason. This is mainly to keep pets from chewing, licking, or scratching at wounds, stitches, or allergic hot spots so that the wounds can heal.

Many at times we get to see cone-wearing canines run into walls, struggle to eat, and do everything in their ability to remove the plastic barrier. The Elizabethan collar (or the plastic cone) eliminates the animal’s peripheral vision and can cause several accidents.

The plastic material can rub against the skin, causing painful rashes. There must be some alternatives to the plastic cat or dog cone collar that can help keep your furry friend happy while healing. Below we will outline options other than the cone that can keep your pets at ease during the healing process.

While some of the alternatives to the plastic E-collar might work for your pet, animal Care experts say the most reliable protection for your fur kid is typically going to be the plastic E-collar.

Dog cones can be purchased directly from your veterinarian. They may be sent home with you if your dog has a surgery. But Elizabethan collars and other types of dog cones can also be purchased from all VetPlanets Retail and online outlets in and from anywhere in Nigeria.

Comfy Cones

These collars are shaped more traditionally, but the difference is the material. A soft, padded cone-shaped collar with removable stays for more structure, yet, allows more flexibility of movement. You can remove the hard stays and fold back the collar. This is to make it easier for dogs to eat, drink and sleep. The collar direction can even be reversed to face backward for shoulder or upper back injuries, as well as IV lines.

Inflatable E-Collars

The shape also allows your dog to get through doorways, pet doors and other opening. The design has reflective binding for outdoor safety. The dog’s regular collar threads through the elastic loops so the fit is secure but comfortable.

Your dog will even be able to take a comfortable nap while he’s wearing it. It’s especially recommended for those dogs that are freaked out by the size and hardness of a traditional cone

Inflatable collars are also an option, and they may work in certain cases. However, these collars can puncture easily, so a pet parent should closely monitor the condition of the collar if they choose this option. Additionally, inflatable e-collars may not effectively block access to all parts of the body.

The BiteNot Collar

The BiteNot collar looks like a human neck brace. It wraps around your dog’s neck, preventing them from bending their neck. This limits their ability to reach most parts of their body. The collar is adjustable and secures with Velcro. It has a strap you thread underneath your dog’s front legs to prevent them from pulling it off over their head.

The product’s description lists areas protected by the collar as back, rump, base of tail, flanks, chest, abdomen, and genitals.

Soft Fabric E-Collars

Soft E-Fabric collar represents the shape and function of the traditional protective cone. It is made of soft, lightweight fabric that allows the animal to have full movement. This water-resistant cone is flexible and should minimize accidents and issues reaching the dog bowl.

Suitical Recovery Suit and Sleeves

The suitical recovery suit is a great dog cone alternative for stitches and hotspots on the dog’s torso. It is made from a lightweight and breathable fabric that allows the wounds to get air for healing.

Most dog parents fear this type of dog collar alternative, thinking that it might not be able to give enough airflow for the wound to heal. This is not the case with Suitical’s suit as it’ll remain dry from the breathable material. It’s also the best option if your dog’s skin-related issues are caused by biting or scratching.

These suits and Sleeves are;

  • Lightweight & breathable
  • Dog can eat and drink
  • No vision block or body movement restriction
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable

Post Operation Protection Shirts

Depending on where your pooch’s injury or wound is, this post-operation protection shirt can be more effective, secure, and convenient compared to the use of a traditional dog cone. As it looks and feels like just about any other dog shirt, it helps reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. What’s great about this recovery shirt is that it’s designed for a dog’s specific needs and, of course, its body shape as well.

The shirt is made of a stretch fabric that’s both breathable and lightweight. Apart from giving good protection, it also allows a dog to enjoy the warmth, which is what it most definitely needs after an operation.


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