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Learn how to – 8 Top-Rated Writing Apps to Help Students Succeed in College

Learn how to – 8 Top-Rated Writing Apps to Help Students Succeed in College.

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Even the most successful and experienced writers sometimes face such embarrassing issues as the writer’s block and the fear of a blank page (or a blank screen), also called ‘vacansopapurosophobia.’ Leo Tolstoy, Virginia Woolf, and J.K. Rowling all had periods of not being able to write. 

Needless to say, the process of writing can be challenging for college students. With all the deadlines, exams, and continuous stress, from time to time, you may find it hard to concentrate, to come up with fresh ideas, or to put your thoughts into words. Luckily, we live in an age when there is a digital remedy for almost any writing problem. We have compiled for you a list of best writing apps that will make the process of writing much more enjoyable. You can always check plagiarism for your content with Eduzaurus.com.

1. Make Notes with Evernote

Every successful writing trip starts with an idea. Evernote is a free app that will help you keep track of your ideas. With the help of this legendary tool, you can create notes that include text, images, and audio. You can also dictate your thoughts to the app while you are on your way. And it is only part of the story! Evernote can make text within snapshots searchable. It also stores the geolocation data of your notes so that you could use the mapping and search functions later. It is a great find for any college student!

2. Cite Your Sources with Mendeley

Once you have done all the necessary brainstorming and mind-mapping, it is high time you started on your research. Mendeley is an app that will make the process of reading, annotating, and citing articles painless and rewarding. This free reference manager helps you cite the sources in the process of writing your paper. Moreover, you can organize your own searchable library and store it safely on the cloud. 

3. Go Paperless with Notability

This best-selling paid app is an elegant compromise between Evernote and Mendeley. It allows you to take notes and annotate articles, record lectures synced to your writing, doodle, scan documents, and create PDFs. Going paperless with this app is easy and fun.

4. Collaborate with Google Docs

Google Docs is an extremely convenient tool for both advanced writers and beginners. It is user-friendly and functional. With its commenting and suggesting functions, it makes collaboration on a paper a breeze for college students.  

5. Focus with iA Writer

This app creates a distraction-free writing environment by highlighting only one sentence or one paragraph you are currently working on. This cunning strategy improves your focus and makes your approach to writing more mindful. Its main advantages are simplicity and accessibility. It proves: the only thing you need to do to succeed in writing is just writing.

6. Edit with Grammarly

Grammarly is an absolute must for all college students. It not only checks your grammar but also suggests corrections with short and clear explanations. Thus, you can start learning from your mistakes and improve your writing on the spot. You can also download Grammarly Keyboard from Google Play or App store and finally stop worrying about all those silly misprints in your emails, posts, and messages. 

7. Make your Paper Reader-Friendly with Hemingway

If you want your writing to hit the goal, you need to think about your readers first. And there is no better way to score points with your readers than to write in a clear, logical and concise way. Usually, it is easier said than done. But with the Hemingway app, impossible is nothing. This free app will highlight the sentences that are too hard for comprehension and calculate your ‘readability grade.’ It cannot make you write like Hemingway, of course, but it will certainly help you write in a more well-structured way. Experts of the cheappaperwriting website often use this app to check and edit their writings.  

8. Get Inspired with Writing Challenge

Practice makes perfect. If you want to become a proficient, fluent, and productive writer, you need to practice as much as you can. If you are ready to despair, we have got great news! We know how to turn your writing practice into a fun adventure. Download the Writing Challenge app and forget about your writing-related anxiety. The app challenges you to write a story based on a range of creative prompts. Once you get the feel of it, you will not want to stop. What will you get? How about a daily dose of inspiration and motivation? You will also boost your writer’s confidence and improve your writing almost effortlessly. After all, in the words of the legendary education expert Sir Ken Robinson, these days, creativity is as important as literacy. And this is precisely what Writing Challenge can help you with. 

You may say that while you are engrossed in honing your writing skills, the essay due tomorrow will not write itself. But you can always order an essay from essayservice.com. Using it as a sample can help you understand and ultimately master the mechanics of academic writing. 

Unfortunately, none of these apps can instantly turn you into a brilliant writer. But they can definitely help you make the process of writing more enjoyable, productive, and stress-free. The only secret to great writing is to keep writing. So, what are you waiting for?


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