Gum Care Toothpaste: Modern Toothpaste For Healthy Tooth Gum



The toothpaste contains Tranexamic Acid and Scutellaria Baicalensis Exact, which can help protect your gums, remove dental plaque buildup on teeth with regular use. It also helps prevent gum bleeding by eliminating strains from teeth-brushing while providing long lasting protection to strengthen enamel and maintain periodontal tissue health.

Gum Care Toothpaste

Kedi Gum Care Toothpaste is perfect for those who are looking to take care of their gums and reduce inflammation. The toothpaste contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that includes tea tree oil, peppermint, eucalyptus, and clove extracts. These ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight pain or redness in the mouth while preventing plaque buildup.

Kedi Gum Care Toothpaste’s active ingredients, Tranexamic Acid and Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract can protect your gum problems while also achieving a clean, refreshing taste. Its formula is carefully created to provide a rich taste, unique texture, and soothing freshness to the mouth. With Kedi Gum Care Toothpaste you can have healthy gums, fresh breath, and an overall clean mouth!

This Toothpaste is a premium toothpaste with natural ingredients. It provides relief from gum disease, teeth debris, and bad breath. Kedi Gum Care Toothpaste also helps in eliminating teeth debris and reduces dental plaque strains that may be causing bleeding in some individuals.

The Kedi Gum Care Toothpaste is especially for those who suffer from sensitive teeth or gum disease. The natural ingredients are designed to strengthen enamel protection and maintain healthy teeth or periodontal tissue as well.

Kedi Gum Care Toothpaste

Health Benefits of Gum Care Toothpaste

  1. This product is the latest innovation that tackles gum problems head-on.

  2. It contains Tranexamic Acid and Scutellaria Baicalensis Exact, which work to protect the gums and avoid bad breath.

  3. It can remove teeth debris, and reduce dental plaque and strain on the enamel.

  4. It helps maintain healthy teeth and periodontal tissue


  • Adults should brush their teeth at least twice a day or follow their doctor’s advice on oral health.
Children Under 6 Years
  • Children should use a pea-sized amount. They should be supervised while brushing to minimize swallowing.

Key Ingredient

Sorbitol, Aqua, Hydrated silica, Glycerin, Sodium lauryl sulphate, Cellulose gum, Tetrasodium pyrophosphate, Sodium saccharin, Tranexamic acid, Methylparaben, Scutellaria baicalensis exact



  • Each tube contains 185g

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