Detoxin Machine (High Quality): 100% Natural Detox and Body Cleansing device



The Dual Ionic Detox Foot Bath is a detox water bath that cleanses, balances, and enhances the bio-energy present in the body. This energy is the electromagnetic force that is stored inside the body and utilized by our cells.

The Dual Detox Foot Bath is basically used to increase energy (both physical and mental), vitality, and stamina, at the same time, it purges (detoxifies) the body of toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution, synthetics, and other foreign materials trapped in the tissues of the body that hinders the body’s self-cleansing mechanism.

This internal cleansing includes parasite cleansing and liver detoxification, which results in less body fluid retention, reduced inflammation, improved memory, greater bladder control, a more balanced pH, a stronger immune system, and significant pain relief, including headaches, and gout and arthritis pain.

Greenlife Detox Machine

The Greenlife Detox Machine is a detox water bath that balances, cleanses, and enhances the electromagnetic force inside your body. This energy is what sustains your cells for life.

This Detox Machine Foot Bath is used to improve both mental and physical energy, as well as vitality and stamina. it purges the body of toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution and other unwanted substances which are held in the cells.

This internal cleansing process includes parasite cleansing and liver detoxification. It Control your body fluids, Reduces inflammation, improves memory, and provides pain relief.

About the Detox Machine

This machine works like magic, it clears junk out of the bloodstream the fastest way as detox drugs work slower. You can see impurities flushed out of your bloodstream in just a couple minutes.

It is highly recommended for smokers and other drug abusers, and also for people who get tired easily or have allergy symptoms. I attached 6 photos below that represent what came out of a smoker’s system within an hour of therapy.

Keeping a regular routine of detoxing is a great way to maintain your health and wellness. You don’t need needles, it’s completely painless, and nothing gets inserted. The procedure also help reduce belly fats.



How To Use The Machine

Detox Machine

Pic 1: A smoker undergoing the detox process within 15 minutes.

Detox Machine

About 30 minutes later.

Detox Machine

Within 1 hour of therapy

You would notice the brownish-looking toxins that look like nicotine particles.


After 1 hour of therapy

__More toxins are being expel from the bloodstream.

Detox Machine

Final stage

–Go, and stay clean. Note: Everyone’s bloodstream may be this dirty. We used a smoker as an example because they seem to a higher level of toxins in the body.

Detox Machine