Detoxification Package: Get Rid of Harmful Toxins



Detoxification Package is a combination of various herbs that work together to help you detoxify the body from all those toxins.

This Package contains four unique blends, each containing different types and amounts of herb in order maximize your ability to eliminate harmful substances for good!

Detoxification Package

With the Detoxification Package, you’ll never have to worry about toxic buildup again! It’s a combination of various herbs that work together on detoxifying your body and keeping it clean.

Your stomach is in knots and acid is rising up into your throat with every breath? That feeling can be overwhelming but luckily there are ways for us all to take care of our bodies. When we feel this way – one step at a time.

The “Detoxification Kit” includes four green drink recipes which use natural ingredients such as ginger root extract along with other plants rich in antioxidants including apples, spinach leaves, dark