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Activpet 10kg Puppy Food


Activpet 10kg Puppy Food

Activpet 10kg puppy food is very palatable food for adult dogs. Nutritionally balanced combination for large breeds. Contains chicken, salmon and cow flavors in one delightful meal. Economy pack dog food. Dogs favorite meal.

In the same way that many dogs struggle with unhealthy weight gain, many dogs struggle to keep weight on. Weight loss can be just as dangerous for dogs as weight gain, especially when it is caused by an underlying medical condition.

Low body weight is a symptom, not a disease; if your dog is underweight, there may be an underlying illness or issue at work, and you must work with your veterinarian to determine the root of the problem. Only after fixing this, will you be able to help your pooch add a little weight.

While your dog needs medical attention to diagnose the exact reason, a premium dog food with the right balance of protein and fat can make a huge difference. However, not every product claiming to be high-calorie gets the balance right. It takes a bit of research to find that perfect balance that can ensure a healthy weight gain without risks.

The Content Matters

When shopping for the best dog food to gain weight and muscle, you need to pay attention to more than just the calorie content. Your dog’s food is his primary source of nutrition, so it needs to be properly balanced to meet his nutritional needs. As long as those needs are met, you have the freedom to choose whatever high-fat, high-calorie diet you like.

Any dog food with more than 30 percent protein and 20 percent fat will help your dog maintain a healthy weight. However, if your dog is thinner than it should be, then you can introduce a high-calorie food with more meat proteins. Eggs can also help your baby gain weight.

If your dog is a picky eater, try enticing him with a wet food topper. Simply add a scoop of wet or canned food to his dry kibble for a boost of flavor and moisture – and some extra calories! If he still refuses the food, you may need to switch to a different formula of dog food for gaining weight.

Top Best Dog Foods For Weight Gain

1. Nature’s Logic Dry Dog Food (Chicken)

This Chicken-Flavored Dry Dog Food is a nutritious, premium-ingredient dog food. It is a coated nutrient-rich mix of digestive enzymes for bulking up your pup.

Nature’s Logic packs 417 calories into every cup and contains a litany of unusual fruits, vegetables and seeds. They help to provide a broad mix of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

2. Crave — Real Chicken Protein Grain-Free Dog Food

Crave with Proteins Chicken recipe brings plenty of animal-based proteins for your underweight pooch. You get proteins from real chicken, chicken meal, and pork meal. Not to mention, there are protein-rich vegetables such as peas and beet to add an extra boost of healthy proteins for your baby.

With nearly 34 percent protein and 17 percent fat, crave is quite close to the ancestral diet of your buddy. It smells great and tastes even better, which makes it a perfect choice for picky eaters. Also, it is a grain-free option, preferable for dogs with sensitive digestion. What I like the most about this particular dog food is that it works best for all breeds, big or small.

3. Merrick — Backcountry Raw Infused Great Plains Red Recipe

Another beef-based recipe loaded with proteins, Merrick Backcountry, is a raw option for your underweight buddy. I highly recommend it for dogs who aren’t just skinny but are also suffering from malnutrition.

Other than a healthy balance of good fats and protein, this recipe is also rich in carbohydrates. There are freeze-dried pieces of raw beef along with dried fruits and vegetables. The freeze-dried kibble smells and tastes great, so you don’t have to worry about your picky pup either.

4. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Canned Food

The brand is easily one of the most popular pet food brands on the market, and for good reason. This High Prairie Canine recipe features fresh beef and bison as well as roasted lamb and roasted venison for a protein-rich and flavorful wet food option. You’ll also be glad to know that it is complete and balanced. You don’t have to worry about putting your dog’s nutrition at risk.

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