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Learn how to – The Rise and Rise of Gambling Technology in 2022

Learn how to – The Rise and Rise of Gambling Technology in 2022.

The online gambling industry truly is a monster. It’s leaving land-based casinos not just in its dust, but erasing them from people’s memories. And if 2022 hasn’t seen the biggest boom in people sitting around at home with nothing to do so turning to all things online, then nothing will. The times are a changing, and technology is forcing our hands at every turn, for the better.

Technological evolution is no longer about the big game changing thing like a light bulb or a radio every 50 years, but 50 new things that add to our coexistence every single day. And that my friends, is making this a very exciting time for this industry. So many passionate people behind the scenes churning out idea after idea to improve, progress and shift the thought patterns of what we find normal is the key to this boom. Exciting times indeed.

Virtual Reality is Now the Reality

VR and AR are big hits with punters as the one thing that was lacking in the online was immersion. That buzz of the casino floor is incredibly hard to recreate and it’s the one thing that keeps people leaving their houses as opposed to jumping online. Could VR be the solution?

Just imagine playing poker but getting to actually physically see your fellow players. Throwing your chips down on the blackjack table. Even physically spinning the slot wheels as opposed to clicking the button. It’s now all a reality and as the technology gets cheaper and better (as it always does), the popularity will push developers to keep up or get left behind. They create what people want and what they are willing to spend their hard-earned coin on. The possibility of your dining table literally becoming a high roller poker tournament is too exciting not to think about.

Live Dealer Casinos

Again, immersion. It’s about getting the most out of your online experience and now more than ever, being able to seek direct personal contact from your own home. It’s truly becoming invaluable. Live dealers are not there just to communicate with you but provide you with that authentic experience that is generally missing.

The closest thing to being there is obviously what players are looking for as it’s what countless companies are focusing on and perfecting. And if they’re the only people we get to have a conversation with that day, well hey, that’s just the times we live in.

Facial Recognition and Safety

Smartphones are well on their way to utilising facial recognition software, from mobile pay through to merely opening your phone. It’s not just about the convenience of no longer having to punch a PIN number or take your fingerprint, it’s the security that goes with it that’s interesting.

Online security is a huge factor for the industry and any way that it can advance without it costing any more of a precious time is pure gold! From signing in to confirmation of deposits, the technology is there to speed things up whilst ensuring security isn’t compromised. 

And where could it stop? Could we see a hit being the raise of the eyebrows, a subtle shake of the head to stay. How long before the subtle intricacies we don’t know we portray are picked up by the technology and used to our favour?

Predictive Data Modelling

Google have mastered the art of predictive analytics years ago with advertising and suggestive browsing. Using data to match what you did with what you may do is great when you think of it in a positive way. It’s the same with online casinos. Their software is now designed to extract your data in terms of what kind of games you like and how you choose to pay to help trim the fat of what you are looking for. Again, making these more slimline and efficient.

Some look at this negatively too and the fact that your data is extracted, manipulated and then conjured to your liking without your direct input can be a little daunting. But realistically, it’s more about tailoring things to the individual than stealing information. You just need to focus on the positive.

Mobile Casinos

Your grandmother now has a smartphone and over the Christmas period, your nieces and nephews will teach her how to use it. The reality of everyone owning one is long past and it’s why mobile gaming is still one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry. Again, convenience is key and with almost every square inch of the planet accessible, there’s no stopping it.

And with the advancement of cloud gaming technology at the minute, a faster and more stable experience is on the cards. No more downloading, just nice, fast streaming. From the comfort of your quarantine bubble or two metre patch of isolation at the beach, it’s all in the palm of your hand.

No Wagering Casino

What better way to experience all the new casino technology on offer without having to first risk your weekly pay check? No wagering casinos are becoming more and more popular as players seek to find new sites from the plethora of wager-free operators available.

When it comes down to it, what’s the point of having all these advancements in technology if it costs you to even begin to experience it. It can sometimes seem a little archaic and it certainly separates the good from the ugly. If a casino backs itself to be good, they will back themselves to gain your loyalty, not just your initial first deposit. It’s what we call playing the long game, and something we believe is essential in all good online casinos with no wagering requirements.


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