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Snowshoe: The combination of short hair, modified wedge, semi-foreign build, and particolor points sets the Snowshoe apart from other breeds. The Snowshoe is a strikingly marked cat in a variety of unique patterns.


Anyone looking for an aloof, standoffish cat need not apply for Snowshoe ownership— enthusiasts claim that Snowshoes don’t realize that they’re cats; instead, they consider themselves small, furry people.

Physical Attributes


Moderately long but not extreme; not cobby or delicate. Proportionally well-balanced overall, well-built, powerful, agile; no extremes. Boning medium; musculature firm and muscular. Well-knit, powerful but not bulky, not delicate. Surprising heft in proportion to size when lifted.


Broad modified wedge. Highset cheekbones with gentle contours. Overall shape is nearly as wide as long and resembles an equilateral triangle. Size in proportion to torso and legs. Chin firm. Muzzle proportional to head with a gentle break; neither extremely broad, square, nor pointed. Nose medium width, not too wide or too narrow, with a flat or slight nose bump.


Medium-broad at the base; continuation of the modified wedge, slightly rounded tips, in proportion to body.


Shape oval to medium oval or rounded oval with greater length than width. Slanted to the base of ears. Not protruding. Any shade of blue.

Legs & Paws

Legs of good length—of a runner or jumper, medium boning, in proportion to torso. Feet in proportion to legs and torso. Oval tips.


Medium at base, slightly and gradually tapering to the end; length in proportion to the torso.


Length short to medium-short. Texture smooth to the touch. Density permits coat to lie moderately close lying.


Patterns mitted and bicolor; some white required on paws. Patches of color in white areas acceptable. Overall appearance predominates shape and detail of point and white areas. Definite contrast between point colors and white. Mitted: white is limited to paws, back legs, chest, and chin. Cat typically about one-quarter white. Bicolor: white facial pattern required. Various markings of white and pigment may occur. White areas generally occur on legs, thighs, chest, and chin. Cat typically between one-quarter to one-half white.


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