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Learn how to – How can using a better PC or mobile phone help you while betting on 1xBet?

Learn how to – How can using a better PC or mobile phone help you while betting on 1xBet?.


If you decide to test your betting skills online, you will need to choose whether you want to bet on a PC or use a mobile phone. Although some operators are only available on one of these devices, the comprehensive 1xbet review by Nostrabet reveals that others can be accessed using all kinds of options. No wonder they are available worldwide and have tons of fans.

Choosing which device to use for online betting usually comes down to personal preferences. Some people are fans of betting on the go and want to use their mobile devices, whereas others prefer to bet on a PC or laptop. Regardless of which alternative you pick, an important thing you should remember is that your divide needs to have good specifications.

When talking about specs, we mean things like the CPU, GPU, RAM, and everything else that can have an effect on your betting speakings. Even though these specs are important, gamblers often don’t realize it, so let’s look at a few scenarios where access to such things can improve your overall betting experience.

Having more RAM will allow you to keep multiple apps open without worrying

Whether you’re using a computer or a mobile phone/tablet to access 1xBet or any other gambling company, you will probably want to have it open at all times. This isn’t a big problem for PC and laptop users because their devices will inform them if they’re out of RAM. That said, there are cases where the computer might shut down its browser to save itself, which means you won’t be able to use the gambling operator until you close a specific app.

The bad news is that this is an even bigger problem for mobile bettors. Although 1xBet’s application is available on Android and iOS, and people do not need to have the latest devices to use it, having access to less RAM can be problematic. 

Since most people use multiple apps simultaneously, devices with less RAM will have to reload certain apps when you get back to them. This may not impact you all the time, but if you’ve opened a specific market and waited to place your bet, the reload will require you to do that all over again.

To sum up, it is advisable to have more RAM if you want to avoid some of the potential problems when using a gambling app.

The GPU is important if you want to bet on live sports events or play casino games

1xBet is among the world’s leading gambling websites mainly because of its incredible betting sections. In addition to its sportsbook that offers live betting and other features, players can also experience some of the world’s top-tier casino games. 

Unsurprisingly, both things offer amazing graphics (especially some of the best casino games), which means the device you’re using should have a good GPU. Once again, this is not that big of a problem for PC users because an average GPU will have no problems with those things. Sadly, this isn’t the case for mobile users whose device is a couple of years old.

Smartphones and tablets have become way more powerful in the last couple of years, especially when it comes down to their GPUs. Consequently, people who use older devices to bet on the go using 1xBet may experience some difficulties. For example, they may not be able to load the live stream, or it may randomly crash.

The situation with the casino games might be even worse because some games won’t open at all. Even if you can access a given slot or blackjack variation, it may lag or crash, ruining your experience. The good news about casino games is that 1xBet offers some of them in a demo mode, so check out this feature before you start using them.

Having a good CPU is a must

Lastly, we also have to share a few words about the CPU. In addition to everything mentioned about the GPU and RAM, your device also needs a good CPU because this will allow it to run smoother than before. Even though the time of the single and dual-core CPUs is long gone, some of the things related to online betting and 1xBet may require you to have a slightly better CPU. So, always try to use the latest on the market or at least something you know will work.


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