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Learn how to – ESIM VS physical sim: my top 10 reasons to go virtual

Learn how to – ESIM VS physical sim: my top 10 reasons to go virtual.

We use basic SIM cards of different operators to have favorable conditions for cellular calls. Traditionally, smartphones support a maximum of 2 physical SIM cards. And an eSIM will help to expand the range of capabilities of your smartphone. 

The topic of eSIM has been occupying the telecom community for latest 3 years. 

By the way: The eSIM technology is a “virtual” card sewn into the device, and it will be enough for the user to change some points in the settings to change the operator.

Esim vs. physical SIM – what are the advantages of the innovation

Firstly, eSIM is convenient (you won’t break it, you won’t lose it, and you won’t be able to insert it into the gadget incorrectly). I use the eSIM Plus service for getting a virtual SIM, and it’s brilliant. It is my second eSIM, — and I don’t think I’ll go back to physical SIM anymore.

Secondly, it saves a physical slot, which is better used to expand the memory capacity of the smartphone. 

Third, you can use up to five different eSIM operators and switch between them, depending on the situation.

Fourth, on a virtual SIM card, you can store your personal number, work number, and, for example, another one with a favorable tariff for unlimited Internet. 

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Fifth, if you are abroad, it will be advantageous to add another number from a local operator so as not to overpay for roaming. Switching between operators at any time is easy and stress-free, and if the number is no longer needed, it is easy to delete it.

Sixth, one eSIM will gather a whole ecosystem around itself: tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, smart cars, and other smart gadgets. Everything will be connected to one number.

Seventh, the built-in SIM is an inseparable part of the device, so if the device is lost or stolen, you can block not only the number but also the entire gadget. The phone/tablet/watch will turn into a brick, and the number can be restored and used on another device.

Eighth, in addition, the technology does not use plastic and has a positive effect on the environment. 

Ninth, when traveling abroad, you no longer have to run first to the store and buy a local SIM card. All the necessary settings can be made in the same application. There will be less paperwork when contacting the communication salon.

At the same time, not only the issue of universal access to the network is solved, but also the costs of calls are minimized due to more favorable conditions for conversations between subscribers of the same operator.

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Tenth, issue and configure a virtual SIM card completely online. There is no need to go to the office and sign paper documents, the profile is loaded automatically — by pressing just one button in the application

Three reasons why many still prefer basic physical SIM

Data security

Many users have concerns about the safety of personal data on eSIM. There have already been precedents when passport photos taken for car sharing got into the network. Nevertheless, by registering a regular SIM, you assign the main responsibilities for your data to a specific operator and, according to the law, you will be able to sue him in the event of a data leak. Experts believe that there is no more to be afraid of than usual. 

You can’t save your usual phone number in most cases 

It is often difficult to switch to an ESIM with the number that you have had for years. You can only connect a new random number, the old one cannot be transferred to the eSIM. 

There are problems with communication 

Different operators catch the network in different ways. Still, if you set up automatic switching between them, then your smartphone will be less typically unavailable to subscribers and you will not fall out of the working schedule of online meetings.

Finally, we need to adapt to eSIM technology 

Accept eSIM as something global and broad — as something that will accompany the subscriber at home and on trips, at work, and on personal calls. One virtual chip will replace a personal number, a corporate number, a number for linking to a bank card, a number “for calling parents” and many SIM cards of foreign operators.


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