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Learn how to – 5 Reasons to Use React Native to Develop Your App

Learn how to – 5 Reasons to Use React Native to Develop Your App.

So you have an idea for an amazing app. You have done your research, planned the app components, and sketched out the general app layout. Now it’s time to make some technical decisions. Unless you are an experienced app developer, this is probably the point where you will need to consult with someone who is. If you are planning for your app to be available on both Android and iOS, you definitely will want to consider using React Native development services. 

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 What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework that was created by Facebook. Among other things, it allows the developer to use the only JavaScript to build a cross-platform mobile app – this means that more than 90% of the code would be reusable for both operating systems, which can save considerable time and money. 

There are many reasons that React Native may be the best solution for you – this article will cover the top five. 

Advantages of React Native

  1. Easy Cross-platform App Development 

React Native allows you to create an app with JavaScript that will not only be compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems but will also act like a native app on both platforms. This leads to faster, smoother user experience. 

  1. Less Development Time and Lower Cost

Creating an app using React Native is much faster than using the traditional methods because the developer has to write considerably less code. Instead of having to write two different sets of code, one for each platform, using React Native produces a code that can be used for both operating systems. This naturally leads to a much lower cost for React Native app development services

  1. Free-to-use Community Resources

React Native is an open-source platform, which means that the technology and resources are free and available for use by anyone in the React Native community. There is a huge library of pre-built code components available, plus a large community of React Native users who collaborate, share experiences and help each other to develop better and more effective code. 

  1. Easy Debugging and Updating

Using React Native means that your team is dealing with only one code rather than two. This makes the debugging and update process much faster and more simple for your team.

  1. Support for Third-Party Plugins

Since React Native is still in its early stages, there are some components that haven’t been developed yet. However, the framework provides quite a bit of third-party plugin support which allows you to add native apps such as iCal or Google Maps via React Native.

Should you use React Native?

In summary, React Native is a cost-effective and fast framework for app creation that offers a better user experience and easier ongoing maintenance. The popularity of React Native is growing exponentially, and many predict that it will end up being the prevalent method for app development, at least until the next big advance in coding comes along. While there are many benefits to using React Native app development services to create your app, as always there are drawbacks as well, React Native or Swift – be sure to consult with an expert before making a final decision. 


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